11 Reasons Why You Should Start Investing

11 Reasons Why You Should Start Investing

Why Invest?

This is a powerful question. There are several reasons why you must begin to invest from today, I mean right away as soon as you’re through with this book.

1. You Invest To Become Wealthy

Riches could come by hard work, but wealth comes through investment. To be rich is to have plenty of money, to be wealthy is to have assets that continue to fetch plenty of money without one’s personal efforts. If wealth comes by hard work, then unskilled labourers or blue-collar workers would be the wealthiest. Real wealth therefore comes via investing. It’s either investment in business or in stocks or in real estate. One of the greatest wealth creating strategies from time is investing.

2. You Invest To Live A Quality Lifestyle

To live a quality lifestyle, cease from labour, enjoy your life to the fullest and experience abundance, you have to cultivate an attitude of investing. If you lean completely on your present level of income or are waiting for promotions later on your job, you will live an average lifestyle. Hence quality lifestyle and livelihood is a product of investing.

3. Your Money Works For You

Many people only know the joy of working for money – by doing business alone, but only very few people know the joy of money working for them. Money indeed can work for you. Let your money work for you. You can’t, by yourself, earn all the money you need in life. You’ve got to let your money work for you and this you can achieve through investing.

4. You Invest To Experience Financial Freedom

The incomes generated by your investment at a point will help you experience financial freedom. Financial freedom is that point you get to where you are free from money worries because of constant inflow of income into your purse.

5. You Invest To Achieve Your Greatest Dreams

Every dream only remains a product of your imagination if there is no money to realize it. Your dream could be that you want to be a doctor, an engineer or you want to get married to a Miss Nigeria or you want to own property or business either home or abroad. None of these can become a reality without money. Investments help you realize your dreams faster than you think.

6. You Invest To Meet Your Needs And Those Of Others

Robert Kiyosaki, the millionaire teacher once said, “The rich invest their money first and spend the rest, while the poor and middle class spend their money first and invest the rest” In other words, the rich have made it a priority to invest first and spend later, but the truth of the matter is, as your investments grow, the income they generate will also grow to help meet your needs and those of others.

7. You Invest To Enjoy Your Retirement Years

Have you ever seen aged people who jump on public buses and trains to get to their destinations? Many of them become victims of pickpockets, petty thieves, and are rough-handled by unruly youths. Besides, if you notice, you’ll discover many an old person who does menial jobs even inĀ  their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. What is the reason? Perhaps they never had a financial goal, never had a plan, never invested, and may be they ate all they earned throughout their lives.

Regret always accompanies those who don’t invest But you still have some older folks who in their golden or diamond periods are enjoying life to the fullest. They live in their houses, drive or are chauffeur-driven in their own cars, meet their needs, spend for the poor, have stopped active work and are generally enjoying life. You’ve got to invest in your own interest.

8. You Invest To Become A VIP In Society, At Home, Anywhere

Success has friends, kith and kin. When you’re successful, people ordinarily want to be associated with you. They want to be part of that success. You enjoy VIP treatment everywhere and anywhere you go. You get royal treatment without making a demand for it. Invest your money/resources today!

9. Invest To Leave A Financial Legacy For Your children

Let me give you this example, King David in the Bible by the time he was about to die had prepared all what Solomon needed to build God a temple. All the wealth Solomon needed was available. That gave Solomon a head start. Give your kids, your grand-children a financial head start by investing today. You can leave a financial legacy for your children by investing today.

10. You Invest To Become A Blessing To The World

Ted Turner of CNN gave One Billion US Dollars to the UN in 2003. Bill Gates runs a foundation that assists the poor, the less privileged and that invests tons of millions into scientific research, especially to find the cure for HIV-AIDS. Chief M.K.O. Abiola before his death was the greatest black philanthropist ever. He gave to individuals as well as to nations. Investments can give you great wealth with which you’ll bless your world. Start today. Start right away. You’ll be better for it.

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