5 Indicators of Business Success

5 Indicators of Business Success

There are certain ingredients you need to have to succeed in the kind of business you want to go into. And when they are not in place, the business you choose may suffer for it.

1. Passion

Passion is that force that turns you on in the area of business you want to go into. Whatever turns you off is an indication of what you shouldn’t dare to go into. I understand that the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti was sent to Britain to study Law, but it turned out he was more interested in Music than Law. So he went into music full blast and made a success out of it. I don’t think he could have been richer and more famous if he had read Law. Discover what you’re passionate about, build your strength around it, give it your best shot and you will be well

on your way to building a great business empire. Your success in business and in life lies at what you are passionate about.

Look inwards and identify what you love and are passionate about, that holds the key to your business success.

2. Desire

desire is very Every human individual has a desire to be something or do something. You can also discover what business you should go into when you discover what your desire is. Your desire is very powerful; it determines the direction of your life. Your desire is the direction your life takes. If your strong regarding a particular business or profession, you will find out that you naturally develop passion for it. What kind of desire are you nursing concerning the business you want to go into? Your success might as well depend on your desire.

 Discover what your desire is and do something about it.

3. Compassion

What you have compassion for is an indication of your assignment in life. If you have compassion for the needy, the sick, the less privileged, the rich, for students, for kids, name it, this determines what your assignment in life is. Every man God created was made to fulfill a particular assignment here on earth and your compassion is the key to unlocking it. Those to whom you feel compassion are a mirror of what you were sent to achieve in life. NEAII is a product of compassion. I feel a strong passion for African entrepreneurs and investors, youths and children, little wonder this assignment in my hands.

4. Dream

What you dream to become can be a pointer to what you have been called to successfully do. Dream is futuristic and it points you to what unconsciously want to become. By acting out your dream, you are creating a ‘force field’ or ‘environment for what you’ve been called to achieve. Therefore, the right business for you can be at the foot of your dream. What do you want to become? A teacher? A medical doctor? An Engineer? A lawyer? This could be a pointer to the kind of business you can successfully do.

5. Identify Your Strength

What do you do well at? What do you do effortlessly and stresslesy? That is an indication of where your goldmine lies.

When you discover your strength, package it very well, build value into it and then, you can exchange it for money. And I tell you, people will be willing to buy it. Do you know Panam Percy Paul, the gospel singer from Jos, Plateau State in Nigeria? He started his music by singing into a tape at home and then letting other people hear his songs. After a while, he started selling his tapes and today he is a household name in the Gospel Music industry. You can create wealth tapping into your strength.

As you can see, these five signs are worth looking at if you want to discover the kind of business you should go into.

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