5 Laws That Will Guide You On Wealth Management

5 Laws That Will Guide You On Wealth Management

What do you do after you’re wealthy? Let’s consider five laws that’ll guide you concerning how you can manage your wealth.

Law #1: Keep Creating Wealth By Reinvesting Your Money To Create, Operate And Build Businesses.

Any man who meets people’s needs, solves their problems, puts food on their table, helps them to improve the quality of their lives, helps to support their families by creating jobs from where their employees earn an income, provides tax money for government which keeps government running, minimizes poverty and lack by creating wealth and hope for everyone; anyone who does these is truly a wealthy

man/woman. The poor always think of spending money first; the rich always think of creating wealth and more wealth. And really, very many people consider the wealthy as very ambitious, very proud people who seek out for ways to make more money.

But indeed society is at the mercy of the men and women who work night and day to build businesses that sustain the economy of their nations. Kill them and kill the economy. Shut them out of society and run your nation into poverty. After you have achieved your wealthy status therefore, think of investing and reinvesting your wealth by building more businesses and creating more jobs for people.

Law #2: The Millionaire Mentality Is Not An Accumulative Mentality … The Truly Wealthy Man Or Woman Is A Distribution Centre.

He has trained so many people and helped them acquire secondary and postsecondary education without meeting many of them face to face. He has paid many medical bills of several indigent people … He has fed countless hungry souls and given many a cause to rejoice by providing them jobs and startup capital for their businesses. He has put a smile on several people’s faces and wiped them clean of tears of pain and sorrow. He is neither a government employee nor an elected officer of the country. He is not a businessman nor is he a highly paid government worker.

He didn’t even start life from an extremely rosy path as it were. And yet he blesses people everywhere out of his substance and wealth. His name is Bishop David Oyedepo.

The church organisation he represents, The Living Faith Church Worldwide, a.k.a. Winners’ Chapel, has spent millions of dollars helping several nations caught in one economic trouble or disaster by giving them relief materials he has spent a lot helping many Nigerians, Africans, and peoples everywhere believe in themselves, in God and in the fact that they possess a great future . And yet, he is just a Pastor of a local church, a clergyman…

You can start from where you are, with what you have and be a distribution centre. Every wealthy man or woman has this responsibility to discharge. You’re a steward of God’s wealth.

Do you you know Chief M. K O. Abiola stands tall amongst his contemporaries he was a giver. He gave his money to churches, Muslims, non-Muslims, Africans, Europeans, built business empires In fact, at a point, he had over 10,000 people on his payroll. What a great man! What a great life! Your wealth only makes meaning when you give.

Law# 3: Your Wealth Is To Create More Wealth And This You Can Do By Employing Wealth Management Strategies.

The problem with rich people in this part of the world, i.e. Africans is simply this: they don’t discipline themselves concerning managing their appetite, their spending habits and their excessive love for flamboyance. Wealth only makes meaning when it is preserved. Robert Kiyosaki once said, “It is not how much you make that makes you wealthy, but how much you are able to keep and for a long time.”

Mike Tyson’s story reflects an example of someone who made so much money but ended his story in bankruptcy. Did you know that Mike Tyson has earned $450 million during his career in boxing? But today, the guy is bankrupt, can hardly feed himself and he is living at the mercy of people. Wealth is to be┬átransgenerational. The Bible says, “The righteous keep wealth for their children’s children (i.e. grand children).” The money you spend never comes back; the money you invest and keep in good investment instruments gives birth to more and more wealth for you.

Law #4: Use Your Wealth Rightly. Wealth Spent Wrongly Is A Direct Insult To God Who Gave It To You

Some use their wealth to intimidate others. Some use it to kill other people. Others use it to make trouble, while others use it to carry out sinful activities. Whichever way you see it, your wealth must be used to fund the right causes, assist the poor, into the research for the cure of certain diseases, reduce the level of poverty around you etc. Wealth devoted to the right causes is a thank-you note to God for ever considering blessing you.

Bill Gates spends millions of dollars researching into the cure of the HIV-Aids virus. Ted Turner once gave a whopping sum of 1 billion dollars to the United Nations to help it carry out its humanitarian functions and peacekeeping etc. You might not be able to give like Bill Gates or Ted Turner or Bishop David Oyedepo … However, start from where you are, with what you have and with the people you can reach …

Don’t wait until you have all the money in the world. You can start with what you have now!

Law #5: Honour God With Your Money.

It is said that money is neutral. It does not take on any character but the character of the owner. In the hands of a thief, money is bad. In the hands of a hired assassin, money can be bloody. But in the hands of the right people, money can be right. Honour God as the giver of your wealth. Pastor Sam Adeyemi normally says, “The river that forgets its source will soon dry.” If God is your source, treat Him as one.

I have to say this at this point: your wealth only becomes relevant if it can bless and has blessed others. Your wealth given to you. At least, you are the smartest person around. It is God’s favour. It is God’s mercy. By acknowledging the source, God, and using His gift to better your life, your family’s and others, you’re creating a powerful aroma of goodness, favour, mercy and great goodwill around your life and that of your loved ones.

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