My Path to Financial Independence

My Path to Financial Independence

Having a comfortable family, good cars, a challenging career with bright prospects and having traveled to different parts of the world and still having the capacity to travel are not enough. You must endeavour to acquire financial intelligence. This is one of the secrets of wealthy men and women. An instance of financial intelligence is this: Your income must always exceed your expenses, while you must invest the difference.

It is the invested part of one’s income that multiplies that income, and if sustained for a long time, creates wealth. I am on my road to financial independence. It is not enough to be out of the rat race of financial worries. I am putting in place structures to create lasting wealth. This is what this book wants to teach you. I am still dreaming into the future.

I still desire to cause ripples in this landscape. Anything happen to the man who can dream, and work day and night to bring that dream to pass. I’ve learnt great lessons in my life so far, lessons I want to share with you right away:

  •  Your environment is too small to cage you.
  • You can think your way out of any negative situation.
  •  Your thoughts are as powerful as your words.
  •  Your destiny is in your hands.
  •  Court great relationships. Don’t move with the fry; move with highfliers. All my life, this has been my secret. Anytime I discover a challenge, I look for a person or people who have overcome such a challenge in the past, and partner or become friends with them, and then learn how to overcome such.
  •  You can be whatever you want to be, go wherever you want to go, have whatever you want to have and do whatever you want and are able to do if you will be willing to pay the price.
  • You have something to offer this world.
  • Great and successful people are always Dreamers.

I have always believed I would be a success. And God has helped me so far.

Indeed, my experience makes me confident to say that your future will largely be determined by what you think. It is either you are defeated by the environment or you ride on it to your great future. Let your environment  inspire you to dream bigger, better and harder. Don’t ever say you cannot make it in Nigeria because Nigeria is facing some economic challenges Say “Nigeria is the reason I have to be rich by being part of the solutions to the country’s challenges.”

Don’t say, “I can’t buy a car because I can’t afford it” say “I have got to do something that will increase my income so I can buy a car.” In other words, when you say you can, you are creating opportunities for your mind to generate options for you. Create the environment you want in your mind. No matter how it looks now, go ahead, work towards it, and you will get there. NEAII today is a product of  a dream and we’re going someplace greater than what obtains in this environment.

Bob Marley, that great Reggae legend, wasn’t kidding when he said “…emancipate yourself from mental slavery.” The greatest bondage is mental slavery. Set yourself loose. Set yourself free. You are greater than your background. You’re bigger on the inside. You can achieve your greatest dreams (call them fantasies) if you keep on dreaming and never giving up.

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